1.1 Saue Youth Centre is open to youth from 7 to 26 years of age.

1.2 The youth centre is open from Monday to Friday from 13:00-20:30 and on Sunday from 17:00-22:00.

1.3 12 year olds or younger must leave by 6 o’clock (18:00).

1.4 Make sure to register at the administrator’s desk.

1.5 Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs are prohibited on the property of Saue Youth Centre. Any person under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances will be refused entry or asked to leave the premises.

1.6 Visitors must book to use the public computers at Saue Youth Centre at the youth worker’s desk. You’re allowed to have 2*30 minutes bookings per day.

1.7 Use the computer only at your scheduled time.


2.1 Leave your outerware and footwear in the wardrobe.

2.2 Park your bike outside.

2.3 Eat in the kitchen and clean up after yourself.


3.1 Only you are responsible for your personal belongings.

3.2 Use the means and resources of the youth centre prudently and efficiently, so that other visitors can use them after you.

3.3 When you cause damage to the property or to the rooms of the youth centre, you have to take full responsibility and compensate the loss.

3.4 Before you start with a new game (for example with a videogame or boardgame), put the previous game back to its correct place.

3.5 If you repeteadly and intentionally violate or ignore the house rules, you will be penalised and banned from visiting the Youth Centre for a period of time determined by Saue Youth Centre staff and management.


4.1 When you notice anything strange, peculiar or dangerous (a casualty, fire, flood, strangely behaving people or odd objects), instantly inform a youth worker.

4.2 In case of fire exit the building through the nearest emergency exit.


5.1 Be polite, honest, friendly and helpful.

5.2 If you need help or if you have a problem, feel free to turn to a youth worker and ask for help.