Youth in Power

The youth of Saue has had the possibility to get acquainted with the process of urban governance in the springtime. In that specific project youngsters could work as job shadowers and work with the officials of Saue Town Council, so they could see what it is like to be in a specific profession. Adolescents were also given a possibility to simulate a general town council meeting. In fact, it is Saue Youth Centre who was one of the main initiators to launch the „Youth in Power“ project a few years back.

The purpose of the project was to introduce the features of local power to the active youth of Saue. Another goal of the project was to give the youth the opportunity to participate in the practical work of our town council. The professions were divided by drawing lots, albeit considering every person’s wishes.

AEYC Tender

In relation to the programme of Youth Work Quality Improvement which is funded by the European Social Fund and coordinated by AEYC (Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres) we introduce different types of jobs to adolescents and organise different events that introduce and present work life in general. Last year a special leisure club of applied and visual art – Arteesia was being implemented at the youth centre. According to the programme we support different youth initiatives, so when youngsters wanted to try to carry out something new, beneficial and interesting for the community, they would have the chance to do so.

Regional Youth Work

Regional Youth Work Memorandum - was signed on 17th April, 2008 at the Regional Youth Conference by the top officials of seven different local governments. The conference was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Saue Youth Centre. Together with Saue there are several other municipalities that have signed the document: Saku, Keila, Nissi, Kose, Rae and Kernu. Harku has expressed their wish to join, too. The slogan of the regional youth work is: „Together we can achieve more!“. Every year we co-celebrate the anniversary of the Memorandum and participate in mutual events.

The first competition for youth workers took place in the autumn of 2010. Saue Youth Centre was the main initiator for carrying out this event. The professional competition for youth workers which takes place every year gives all youth workers in the Lääne-Harju region a possibility to get together outside their centres, exchange new and inspiring ideas and make plans for the future. It is also a good way to test the practical and theoretical knowledge of the youth workers. In fact, in 2011 a youth worker from Saue Youth Centre, Jan Pillav, won the professional competition!

Mobile Youth Work

MYW – Mobile Youth Work is an outreach youth council concept. It is being put into action in the frame of group- and individual social-pedagogic and social work.

Mobile Youth Work is district-respectively social-area-related and aims at preventing or cancelling youth exclusion processes. Hereby, resources and self-aid methods towards the solution of social problems in the community are being used. The Mobile Youth Work as a nationwide activity is a rather new phenomenon. The concept of mobile youth work has been rather arbitrarily used in Estonia and a concrete concept as such has just recently been agreed upon. It seeks to identify and to support young people at risk at any early stage. Street work, providing advice to young people on the streets, is the basis of this work. The concept was carried out in a few single places in Estonia until in January 2011 when the nationwide implementation of mobile youth work began (on similar grounds and in 30 different regions). The implementation is financed within a European Social Fund programme „Developing Youth Work Quality“ which is also co-financed by the Estonian Government. Another 60 regions are going to get involved in the programme, so all in all by 2013 there are going to be 90 regions carrying out mobile youth work in Estonia. Saue Youth Centre has been part of the programme since 2011.

Saue-Crimea Cooperation

The cooperation started in 2006 when our (then a youth worker, now the manager of our centre) Kristi Kruus went to work as a volunteer to a little village with Estonian roots - Krasnodarka. The communication between two places continued as a youth exchange project in the summer of 2008. 20 youngsters and youth workers from Saue traveled to Crimea to look for the footsteps of Crimean Estonians. In cooperation with the local youth the participants from Saue cleaned and restored the old cemetery and the so-called Estonian House. Youngsters from both countries swam in the Black Sea, made art, played sports together and got to know the Estonian and Crimean Estonian history.

The Work Camp exchange of the two previously mentioned towns took place in 2009. 5 youngsters from Saue traveled to Crimea to clean the old cemetery and 5 young people from Crimea traveled to Saue, Estonia to get to know the local work camp activities and youth.

Citizen School and a Healthy and Conscious Citizen

The project called “Citizen School” started in the autumn of 2009. The purpose of that project was to raise the awareness of the youth about a democratic country in general; to get to know oneself and learn about your rights and obligations; to get acquainted with the principles of the work of the town council and lay the foundation for the youth council of Saue.

Future-City-Game Project 

 The first Future City Game took place from 7th until 8th May 2009. The initiator of the international project was the British Council and it was coordinated by Saue Youth Centre. 14 youngsters and 10 town officials took part in the project. The aim of the game was to find out innovative ideas in order to improve the future of our home town. The winning idea stated that the old railway station should be renovated and restored and changed into an information centre. Amidst others there were also many other interesting ideas – an apple trea for each child; applying the data of the newborn babies on the biggest chimney in town; putting the sculptures of the town mascots next to every entry into town, etc.