Saue Youth Centre belongs to Saue municipality and was officially named a youth centre on the 16th April, 1998. It is one of the oldest youth centres in Estonia. Initially, the town had a plan to open a shelter for women suffering from domestic violence, but later on this idea developped into a children’s day care centre and after that into the concept of youth centre. The work began in two rooms in the basement of the town hall building and eventually, a few years later the staff of the youth centre was working on the entire basement floor.

In 2004 Saue was awarded the title of Estonian Child and Youth Friendly City which laid the foundation for constructing a new and modern building. Design work lasted for four years.

An important decision was signed by the Innove Foundation on the 10th December 2009. This was the positive decision to approve the project application of Saue Town Council for carrying out the establishment of Saue Open Youth Centre, thus a positive decision to fund the new house. The full cost of the project was over 16 million kroons (EEK), whence the bigger part (15 million EEK) came from the European Regional Development Fund.

The aim of the project was to create better opportunities for leisure, different non-formal and recreational activities for the youth of Saue town and its neighbouring rural municipalities. The project would also diversify the youth work in the region guaranteeing its sustainability and increasing the variety, availability and quality of the youth work services.

The new building is situated close to the old youth centre – at Koondise 20. It is a beautiful two-storey house with an area of over 1000 square metres.

When the new house was opened in 2011, three new youth workers and a project manager joined the staff of the youth centre. At the moment the staff includes the following people: manager, project manager, 6 youth leaders, in addition to three volunteers and three hobby club leaders. The members of the staff improve their skills and gain new knowledge on different trainings in Estonia and abroad.

The establishment of the new building enabled to bring the activities of youth work away from an environment that was detrimental to everyone’s health – away from the basement. In addition, it opened new possibilities for diversifying different leisure activities in the area.

The two-storey and modern centre offers the youth a variety of opportunities for self-development: table tennis, billiards, air hockey, football, board games, different video game consoles, computers with Internet and kitchen facilities; also opportunities to climb on either the rock-climbing wall or on the rotating climbing wall; read literature, magazines and newspapers, practise pottery and other manual labor skills.

Saue Youth Centre has a big venue for young people for organising parties, concerts and organising training sessions. It also includes a mirror-walled room for workouts and training sessions; a room for smaller meetings; recreational area, computer lab, rooms for babies and young children, pre-school and classrooms for carrying out different hobby club activitiesIt is also possible to turn to a counsellor in case of any joys or worries. The person also helps out with homework.

Since 2012 it is possible to practise extreme sports on the property of the youth centre. The main sponsor of the cool skatepark is A. Le Coq. The park was named Lemonade Skatepark after the top-endorser’s most popular product. The skatepark was designed by a local youngster – Erik Pirn and the park has received many positive and approving words from different proffesionals. It has also summoned many extreme sport fans from all ages.

Since 2003 we belong to the Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres. In the Spring of 2008 the Regional Youth Work Memorandum was signed. The aim of this memorandum was to improve and promote the youth work in the region.

We co-operate with all the agencies, divisions and non-governmental organisations. When the budget of the youth centre in 2008 was approximately 32 000 euros, then in 2012 it crossed the 200 000 euro limit. The vast majority of the revenues comes from the municipality of Saue and money for additional activities is being sought from various funds.

Saue Youth Centre is an informal education centre for the youth that follows the open youth work principles. Saue Youth Centre strives to attract the youth of Saue with its diversified recreational activities and versatile traditions while supporting their ideas and initiatives. If in the early days the activities of the youth centre were mainly taking place in the house itself, then for the time being the activities and work have expanded out of the building.

Young people have the opportunity to participate in various projects, take part in trips, hikes, excursions and organise different events. There have been many youth initiative projects, international and domestic youth exchange projects taking place. In addition, a lot of activities which introduce different types of work and work-life and which have been funded by the European Social Fund took place between 2012-2013. Saue Youth Centre has also been part of the mobile youth work programme since 2011 with youth workers having passed the mobile youth training. Youth workers take their activities and information to these places where youngsters usually hang out, such as to the parks, streets, shopping area or to the Internet.

Saue Youth Centre has developped a number of traditions: Work Camp, Saue Day Camp, Pivarootsi Art Camp, Pivarootsi Nature-Creativity Camp, night hiking „Hiking to the Day of Independence“, Saue Youth Day „The Open Air Games for the Youth“ and many more. Today, there is about 80 young people visiting the youth centre per a day, 70 children take part in more than 10 hobby clubs and trainings, 90 children participate in different camps and about 80 youngsters work at the work camp in the summertime.

In 2012 the youth centre launched a project called „Strong families, strong communities“ for young parents. The project offered them  a possibility for self-improvement and mutual communication. It turned out to be successful beyond expectations and the parents decided to continue working together and now act under the Saue Town Child Welfare Society.

In 15 years the youth centre has undergone exponential growth. Today the youth centre is a community learning centre where parents of young children and the elderly can engage in different activities and in addition to youngsters’ activities many adult trainings and different trainings take place daily. We have proved the necessity and importance of our role and we thank the Town Government of Saue, our partners and citizens of Saue for your support and trust.