Saue Youth Centre was established in april 1998. During all these years there have been several traditions that we are used to have and celebrate.

Night Hiking

In 2014 it was the 10. time for our popular winter event – hiking at night or so-called „Hiking to the Day of Independence“ to take place. This event takes usually place during the night before the 24 February – that is to say to honour the day when the Salvation Committee declared the independence of the Republic of Estonia and the Republic of Estonia was founded - 24 February 1918. The challenging winter hike starts in Paldiski and goes through the forest down to the seaside ending at Kloogarand station which in all is about 16 kilometres. Although the hike takes place in rather harsh conditions, such as thick snow and cold conditions, the number of hikers has risen in the past couple of years – for example in 2010 there were over 70 of us. Several youth centres in the region also participate in the event.

Youth Day

In the beginning of every June we organise a big event for the children and youth of Saue which is known as The Open Air Games for the Youth. Hundreds of youngsters take part in that event. This year was already the eleventh time for the event to take place! Useful information for the youth and children is shared and spreaded; team-competitions with GPS’s and on different trampolines take place; members of the Police and Defence League, etc. share their information and teach and discuss useful information. Several youth bands and the participants of the jazz- and improvisationfestival Visioon perform on that day. This year we also had a flea market for the first time where everyone could sell-buy-change the items they wouldn’t need anymore.


Every year we celebrate Christmas with the children and youngsters. We organise Christmas trips around Estonia or hike to the forest to take food to the animals and grill sausages on an open fire or we just have a huge christmas-party in the centre with gingerbreads, concerts and Santa 🙂

Regional Youth Work

Regional Youth Work Memorandum - was signed on 17 April, 2008 at the Regional Youth Conference by the top officials of seven different local governments. The conference was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Saue Youth Centre. Together with Saue there are several other municipalities that have signed the document: Saku, Keila, Nissi, Kose, Rae and Kernu. Harku has expressed their wish to join, too. The signatory parties wish to develop and improve a broad-based cooperation in the field of leisure time activities for the youth and are adamant that this kind of cooperation helps to strengthen mutual understanding. The slogan of the regional youth work is: „Together we can achieve more!“. Every year we co-celebrate the anniversary of the Memorandum, participate in mutual events, organise training courses along with a professional competition for the youth workers in the Lääne-Harju region.

The first competition for youth workers took place in the autumn of 2010. Saue Youth Centre was the main initiator for carrying out this event. The professional competition for youth workers which takes place every year gives all youth workers in the Lääne-Harju region a possibility to get together outside their centres, exchange new and inspiring ideas and make plans for the future. It is also a good way to test the practical and theoretical knowledge of the youth workers. In fact, in 2011 a youth worker from Saue Youth Centre, Jan Pillav, won the professional competition!